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Since 2021, Scouted International has been providing professional services to job seekers and employers. We’ve learned that staffing is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business. That’s why we put an emphasis on listening, guiding and matching.

With our experienced team, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. We work with leading organizations and businesses, and have developed a reputation as staffing experts. Are you a job-seeker or employer? We’d love to speak with you! Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting.

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Shae Schwenk

Recruitment Manager

Shae has extensive experience in the industry and a passion for helping businesses find the right talent. Shae firmly believes that many people have the potential to succeed, and they just need to be given the right opportunity to flourish. Shae is passionate about assisting others, and there's nothing more fulfilling to her than guiding someone to a position where they feel confident and equipped to thrive.

Nasser Kader


Nasser Kader, a partner in Scouted International, is a highly skilled professional with a solid foundation working with businesses across South Africa. As a Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor and director of his own firm DNKA Inc, he is able to draw on a wealth of experience to ensure that Scouted International provides you with a bespoke service that is fit for purpose.

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Scouted International - Icon Alone.png

Kim Kader


Kim Kader, our director, is process-oriented, structured and focuses on the finer details. With a background in accounts, she is focused on ensuring the smooth running of Scouted International

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